Karis Deniz Kara

Director, Cameraman and Editor based in İstanbul.

What I Do


Directing short films with commercials and promotional films.


Cameraman in advertising, promotion and cinema industry.


Editing in advertising, promotion and film.


If you want to work with me

About Me

Karis Deniz Kara was born in Istanbul, completed his secondary education at Şişli Anatolian , Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian and Sakıp Sabancı Anatolian High School. In 2009 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University entered the Cinema-TV section. He started his career as a cinematographer, director and screenwriter in many short film productions by establishing a cinema group called FDS with his friends in school. He has received several awards by participating in various national film festivals with short films shot under the FDS roof. Interviews with the directors such as Onur Ünlü, Zeki Demirkubuz, Derviş Zaim, Cihat Hazardağlı, Osman Sınav and Serdar Akar were organized in the school. Since 2010, he has also worked as a freelancer on many projects in the commercial and cinema sectors, and is currently directing and cameramaning in the sector. Focusing on his own independent projects as of 2015, he directed his first experimental short film "Fall of Colors" and received the best experimental film award in its category at the 22nd Golden Boll Film Festival. "The Fall of Colors" also received various awards at many national festivals and at international festivals such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Karis Deniz Kara participated in various mixed exhibitions with video art works. Karis Deniz Kara has participated in various seminars in various fields such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, and has made various readings in these fields because he is better understanding and better understanding of human being in his works.

  • Filmography
  • No Floor  2010
  • Like a Novel Love  2011
  • Cookie  2015
  • -Short Film Competition İn The Pocket Of Your Future İn The Dands Of The Camera 2015
  • Fall Of Colors 2015
    • -İnternational Adana Golden Boll Film Festival / Best Experimental Short Film
    • -England Feel The Reel İnternational Film Festival
    • – America Arts Council Of Fort Worth – Celebration of the Arts
    • -İstanbul Ekav Art Gallery – New Generation / Exibition
    • -İFSAK Short Film Festival / Experimental Genre Mansion Award
    • -İnternational İzmir Short Film Festival
    • -2. İstanbul Short film Collective
    • -Sinepark Genre Short Film Festival
    • -America İndiwise Film Festival
    • -Serbia Free Net World Film Festival
    • -İstanbul Coffee Festival
  • Adam’s Apple  2016
  •  Seventh Day    2016
  • -İstanbul Ekav Art Gallery – New Generation 2 / Exibition
  • Before It’s  Too Late 2017
  • -İstanbul Ekav Art Gallery – New Generation 3 / Exibition
  • People Who Color The Turkish Flag  2017
  • Lost legacy 2017
  • -Green View Environmental Films Festival – Mansion Award
  • -İnternational Adana Film Festival – Official Selection
  • -İndia Samsara Film Festival – Official Selection

Contact Me

karisello@gmail.com contact@karisdenizkara.com
Phone: (+90) 507 390 2616